Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peter & Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi

PnPAuthors Promotions began in 2013 when Peter and Pattimari Cacciolfi decided to open PnPAuthors doors in order to promote their published books. During the first few months they spotlighted their books, promoted them, joined author clubs, and before they knew it, their membership grew so fast, so much, that they decided to add Promotions to PnPAuthors, making it now PnPAuthors Promotions, and decided to spotlight other authors for free. The process began and authors from around the world joined and were spotlighted. In early 2014, Pattimari decided to learn how to do book trailers and is in the process of learning the ropes so she can offer her and Peter's members that type of promotion as well. Recently they decided to open PnPAuthors Magazine which will be coming out in 2015 with a bang.
Since PnPAuthors Promotions has grown so quickly and seem to be continuing to grow, Peter and Pattimari put their heads together with an advisor and set up a board, made Peter President of PnPAuthors and Pattimari Vice Presidents. They are in the process of hiring a manager for the magazine and that all will come together in 2015.
Peter is a retire classroom teacher, holds a degree in black belt,clock and watch master, and author. Peter and Pattimari are husband and wife team authors who have published over 16 books together. Peter has written The Influence and Pattimari has written all together 30 books. She and Peter just published the 2nd series in Sometimes your Greatest Misery can be your Greatest Happiness, and Frozen Time which their son created the storyline and  asked Peter and Pattimari to write and they did. It has won awards and is now being looked at for a possible play.
Pattimari is a therapist who has worked with autistic and ADHD children as well as family and individual counseling. Her greatest joy is  writing with her husband, Peter, and traveling.
All of Peter & Pattimari's published books are all over PnPAuthors, put up by Cold Coffee Press.